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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing.


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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  Nadiablue on Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:15 pm

    Disappointing to say the least. I'm tired of raids like this and apparently I seem to be the only one that cares around here. I shouldn't have go jump over our CoGMs heads and get on to people for goofing off, but yet, I'm finding myself needing to.

    First off. Someone pulled Marrow, I don't care who, I heard the name over and over in chat thanks to nitrofury. "GROVE PULLED! I SAW HIM!!" What do you want? A cookie? I heard you the first time, no need for the 4 or 5th time. What are we? Third graders?? We GET it. You people don't seem to understand there is NO POINT in spamming vent. So my question is, why the heck did we wipe??? Because everyone had their thumbs up their asses that's why. Second time people didn't want to release. Stop being a prick and just do it.

    Second. Lady Deathwhisper. Why wasn't the druid cycloning people? Furthermore, why the heck where you guys casting aoe attacks?? I don't give a rats ass if it's in your rotation, STOP DOING IT. Your killing your raid members. I've tried polying people but everyone gets out of poly to quickly. Sloppy.

    Then we get to Deathbringer. What the heck was going on here? Fudo and Arth start bickering like little 3rd graders and Fudo refuses to attack because he doesn't have kings?? Seriously. Grow up. Arth, I heard you where taking it off him, you need to grow up too. What would Abysm have done if he was in this raid?? He'd have told you both to shut up. I ask the CoGMs WHY they let them do this.

    Rotface... Do I even need to say anything about this fight? First off we wipe 5 times? I lost count. DO NOT AOE ATTACK!!!!!!! If you have aoe attacks DONT USE THEM!!!! How hard is it??? How hard is it to listen to simple instructions?? How hard is it to ask someone what do they mean by running out to the OTs? ASK THE QUESTIONS!!! Mutated infections needs to be cleansed or you guys need to run out to the OTs who have the big ozzes so that someone can cleanse you/the little ooze can spawn and they can use the big ooze they have to swipe it up. This isn't just their fault. I have healed ICC 10 on my shammy and Natty on his druid and when we got to rotface, I can see the mutated infection on healbot. Really not that hard to see, the green bar turns purple. I have my cure toxins set to my middle button, I simply click that person and boom it's gone. Problem solved. We had ONE unstable in icc 10. We have 5 healers in icc 25, why aren't ANY of you helping out with this? And please, I don't want to hear any excuses. Get healbot or something to make your life and our raiding easier. This doesn't mean that people DONT need to listen though. So from my point of view, it's both sides fault, not working together.

    And for those of you that are blind. You get a green gas cloud on you. I don't know how many people I saw just standing there that are veterans to this fight. Also dbm tells us WHO has the mutated infection. Cleanse?

    Lets continue on the rant about rotface. We invited a full donor boomkin. Awesome? Great? You guys went nuts over this guy. I seriously thought all of you where going to have heard attacks with him just being there. Guess what? That boomkin died twice and his dps wasn't that oustanding, I topped it a few times and I don't have all heroic gear. But... what did you guys do? Go on and on and on and on and on < and another on about him in vent.

    CoGMs? Hello? You there?

    Didn't think so.

    I'm sick of this. I was already told by abysm what I could do if things like this happened by WHY should an officer have to step up to the plate of being the ass when there are three cogms in our raid?? If you guys truly don't care anymore about this guild, step down and let someone else take over instead. This guild is falling apart because it needs structure and leadership during raids like that.

    What would abysm do? Fudo and Arth, you both should have been kicked out of the raid. But guess what? Arth left in the middle of it. Abysm would probably kick you from the guild now, or "talk" with you. At the same time if Abysm had of been here, you guys wouldn't have attacked like that now would you?

    Both of you have been in this guild longer than me. But the maturity level in icc 25 lacks a considerable amount. As veteran members of "Demoted" there is a certain expectation from you both. For example, a new member would have been kicked simple as that. But as veterans, your given chances.

    We have to set examples for the new members. I feel at this point that all the other guilds are much better than us. I used to not think this way and I don't like it now.

    Next ICC 25, if I'm still here and haven't G quit. I don't care who is on. I'm sick of this kind of crap and if you don't listen to me, dkp will be taken off and if you continue to act immaturely, I will kick you from the raid and replace you with another member or a pug. YES PUG. Get over yourself, you can be replaced. If I have to go so far as to mute everyone in vent, I will. Only people that should be talking DURING a raid is the CoGMs, officers, tanks, and healers. The constant jabber that we receive during Icc raids is coming to a stop.

    Abysm isn't here, big deal. ONE PERSON. So stop acting like your daddy and mommy have finally gone from the house and you have it all to yourself. I've been sitting back, watching, and waiting for you cogms to step up to the plate and do your job. But none of you haven't.

    I'd like to add this. Natty can't do this all by himself. Other two cogms? Where is his help in the raids? With abysm being gone so long, everyone has gotten sloppy. It's a sad thing that only one person was able to keep everyone in line by being a dick. How can we call ourselves a good raiding guild with crap like this?

    Who else is tired of raids being like this?

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  WildBone on Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:37 pm

    I know i was sick of people doing AOE on RotFace its sad that we had to die like 3 times to get a point proven about no AOE at all.....we couldn't even down rotface wtf .WHEN THERE IS A UNSTABLE PEOPLE NEED TO MOVE! TO THE SIDES..i do not approve people leaving when we died like 4or 5 times.. i do think there should be some sort of punishment done but that's just me.......As for vent there was goofing around its ok, to joke around here and there but not all the time... PEOPLE that need a better idea on how to defeat these bosses need to youtube icc 25 man bosses ... as for arth he shouldn't of nerd raged over 1 (one) guy come on wtf....its a game you guys need to relax and have fun... as for abysm where you been we need you to fix things....your a ok leader but we need a active one?

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  Pyth on Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:58 pm

    ALL and i mean all of the paladins were aoeing no exception even after we tell you what 20 times you still use consecration and devine storm. Then people dont move to the ot when they have mutated infection it isnt hard people since you have dbm as it is a requirment to raid it will flask up in big letters mutated infection on you and as if that want enough you get this green-purple fog around you common it is more obvious than blood queens flame.

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  Xolt on Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:23 am

    The guild just had a bad night that's all. Was hard to even fill the raid. If this happens a few weeks in a row I would agree there's a problem. But 1/4 of our dps classes were ret pallies. Just worked out like that because of lack of icc25 ready; and not saved dps online.

    Everyone will see something different wrong with a raid. Like before we pulled the first boss I noticed that 13 of 25 players all shared the same sanctified token; 3 priests 4 warlocks and 6 pallies. And of course that token didn't drop lol!

    Also we got on-time dkp like 20 mins late.

    We also had some players do RDF HC right before the raid. Probably wasn't the smartest thing to do (I am guilty of that, wont happen again)

    I agree we could of did better. But it's best to put that raid behind us.

    Last but not least. No more ret pally recruiting!

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  Nadiablue on Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:49 am

    It's not just one ICC 25, it's happened before. I'm not just talking about how many ret pallies we had, I'm talking about how the raids are being handled. Something has GOT to change.

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  Cassiel on Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:17 am

    Nadia, you and I really havent ever had issues except for a few bumps and bruises randomly about dumb things. However, right now, to be honest, I'm more than offended by that little bullshit rant that you just dropped. Let's address these things one at a time, in the order you posted, shall we?

    First of all, I think I heard you say something *once* the entire raid, so this whole "Jumping over coGM's" thing? A total and complete steaming pile of horse shit. My answer to why we wiped? You're right, people had their thumbs up their asses. You neglect to bring to light however, that the said thumbs were in said position because it was an unannounced pull. Buffs were still being handed out, people were eating, and me personally? I was in the bathroom, dick in hand, taking a piss, because I was prepped and ready to go, but yall weren't. So do me a favor and don't make it sound like this was some official, announced pull, we were all here, ready to go, and drooling on our keyboards in anticipation of the pull.

    I agree with you on the releasing portion. People are lazy in that respect.

    Lady Deathwhisper. Poly is useless, as soon as someone slaps the cute little piggy, big bag mind controlled character is off and running again. She got killed with only three or four deaths out of twenty five people, and in one shot, loot was passed out, we moved on. No bitching needed here.

    Deathbringer. Yes, people were being childish. Addi stepped up (along with you, if memory serves.) Arthur doesn't like being ignored apparently, he reacted badly. Fudo had every right to put him on ignore if he dam well pleased. His account, his personality conlict, his choice. The goading wasn't needed, but shit happens. As to *why* we let them do this, it was in the middle of a fucking fight. We had more important things going on. It solved itself during the fight.

    Ahhh Rotface. Yes, AOE attack is an issue. Yes, we have people that barely speak english, and know nothing more than how to put numbers on the board. I know exactly who was doing it, and it was one, maybe two people who need to be dealt with. As for asking questions, here's one for you. Why in the flying fuck does cleanse matter? It does *NOT* get rid of the ooze. It drops it where the person is standing. I.e., the same damn thing that happens when they..*gasp* stand the fuck still and continue to dps. Ah yes, by the way, when we watch, we watch everyone. There were multiple times where you stood in the same general viscinity and pooped out a slime on your feet while bitching at other people for doing the same. Point being, quit bitching at the healers for something they have nothing to do with. That's like whining at the tanks because they aren't DPS'ing properly. You have one unstable in 10 man because 10 man is fucking easy and it spawns a single ooze in twice the time. 25 man spawns two at once, in half the time. I.e., you're going to have more unstables no matter how many walls of text you throw up about it.

    And for those of us that *arent* fucking blind, and simply have our graphics turned down and dont *SEE* this mysterious green cloud, step the fuck off. Yes DBM tells you, but with all the raid warnings from THAT SAME MOD blowing up my screen, there are one or two times that I miss it myself, and only catch it because I see the little debuff on the side of the screen. This is while constantly dodging puddles of ooze, and the shit that prays out from the walls, and listening to twelve people screaming about unstables, and aoes, and cleansing (which is wholly unneeded).

    Oh yes, let us continue. Yes, a donor boomkin was invited, yes they went apeshit about him in vent. It was cool. How many boomkins do you know that blow through 12k DPS. He was a bit short on brains, so meh.

    Oh yes, your Co-GM's are here, and paying attention.

    We watched you say something about fudo and arthur, bitch a few times about aoe, and the rest of the time? You stayed quiet. I'll tell you what. If you think you can do any better, I have no issue stepping down, and giving you time to have your little bitch fest in a raid. See how quickly I simply drop your ass on ignore/mute for screaming about obvious things to people who speak little to no english. You haven't the slightest clue ass to how hard it is to keep twenty five people working cohesively, with language barriers included. It looks easy after running a 10 man with you, me, and 8 of the other best in guild. 25 man is apples to oranges, and I gaurantee you'd be pulling fucking chunks of your hair out by the end of the raid. The more people you introduce into an equation, the greater chance that things are going to fuck up. It's something you learn to deal with.

    What would abysm do, abysm would do this, abysm sounds like this, abysm acts like this. Congratulations, you pointed it out yourself. He's not here. When you're doing idolizing, let me know. If you see a problem, and you think we're not handling it correctly, whisper the person with the issue and help, instead of making a wall of text on a public forum about it. You'd be surprised how much easier it is. Plain and simple, if you dont like the way shit is being done, step up, shut up, or leave. It's your choice. Like you said, we're all replaceable, right?

    As for the dkp, kicking for pugs, etc, you're forgetting your place. It is not your responsibility to do those things. You need to realize that we are a *casual* raiding guild. We raid two nights out of seven, we're relaxed, we kill what we can, and we enjoy ourselves. If you want to drop an elitist bomb like that, again, remember, you are just as replacable as everyone else, and im about fuckin sick of the high and mighty shit that goes on. (If you want to point out wipes that are a single person's fault, we can hit on professor and the invis between phase shit that you pull that's gotten us killed on multiple occasions.) Gotta love pointing fingers.

    We do the same shit with Abysm here. He is not omnipotent, and you'd do well to remember that.

    And on a side (and more personal note). Yes, I'm with shara. My personal life outside of this game is my own business. You and Zelda both need to stop your little fucking bitchfest about it. If you have something to say that's relevent, say it to my fucking face instead of bitching to Natty. We're all sick and fucking tired of hearing about it, and you need to step the fuck off. She's not a "security risk" because she doesn't have my account info. If there are any other reasons for you two to have a pineapple sideways in your cunts, you can stuff em up your ass, and let em get cozy. Im done hearing about it, and this is the last I will say on *any* of these issues.

    Do something other than bitch, or sit in your fucking corners and color like good little children.

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  Nadiablue on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:19 am

    Cass, you took that way to personally. I'm pointing the finger at everyone here.

    As I said in my post Cass, I sit back, watch, and wait. There have been Iccs where I HAVE stepped up to the plate. I had to take care of a situation with Arth, pulled him into vent. Another time was with Keseke, me, Zelda, and Syphream I believe where trying to stop that fight.

    I'm not talking about just this ONE ICC, I'm talking about them all. This has been going on for a while now. Regarding the pull, I thought people would figure that out after I mentioned Nitrofury chanting over and over on who pulled.

    I turn people into a kitty btw <3

    Someone corrected me on the cleanse matter before you, I apologize to all the healers. In previous icc 25 I've tried to run to the OTs I end up getting killed. When someone finally pointed out that the whole point was to run, you get cleansed/the ooze pops out, I was good. I do recall PJ saying I was doing the right thing. Don't make it sound like I just stood there and did nothing through all 5 or 6 wipes. Yes, I'll agree, during the raid it's hectic, running around, keeping away from slime spray. Constantly watching for WHEN he does it. Watching the big oozes, blah blah. I catch it because it pops up on my healbot. But even so, people's names where being called out and they weren't running to the OT.

    Honestly, I've really never seen boomkins. But regardless of that, drool over him for a few mins, then get back to raiding.

    I never said I wasn't replaceable, cause I know I am. Also... regarding my "place". Abysm told me, Syphream, fudo, and whoever was in vent with us what was to happen if people goof off, don't listen, and just be plain dumb. So what I'm saying is coming from Abysm. The reason why I say Abysm so much is because Abysm was the one in our raids that would say "SHUT UP AND CLEAR VENT". minus dkp this, minus dkp that, etc etc.

    I'm glad you say the Cogms are here and paying attention because it doesn't seem like it or any other person that's whispered me about their concerns regarding this guild. I'm not the ONLY one that thinks this. If you'd like to know more, whisper me, chat me up in vent.

    Now that I'm done talking about things regarding my actual post, I'd like to say a few things about the rest of your post that doesn't pertain to it. Where in my post did I EVER mention Cope? Where are you getting this? Last I recall we talked about her was... weeks? Ago? Not sure I remember anymore... But.. Zelda hasn't been on that much to even gossip about it. Whatever she's doing on her own time is her business, as you know Zelda, she has a mind of her own. And.. I haven't talked to Cope in... weeks as well really. Maybe longer than you. My issues regarding this situation are my own and I do believe I told you that last time we talked. Wish to talk more, hit me up in vent.

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

    Post  pajamaparty on Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:43 am

    Nadia, I can do nothing more but agree with you 100%. I don't have much say in what happens in the guild, but I can put my opinion out there. I also haven't been to many ICC 25m's lately, but have done all the bosses countless times(I know what i'm talking about, when it comes to raids)and think that I can offer some input to the situation(being the failness of the ICC 25m I attended Friday).

    I know this is a "casual" raiding guild, but it's still time being wasted on pointless wipes when people fuck around. For the people who are there to ACTUALLY raid and ENJOY themselves it can be easy to get upset when it's 1:00am(or later/earlier), you're expecting to be done and satisfied with the accomplishment of progressing.... but instead being held back by badies(who don't care to research fights)/people who couldn't care less/idiots/immature idiots.

    Something NEEDS to change, in fact a lot of things need change. One being the personal conflicts in this guild. It seriously needs to end. We can't go about raiding while people are fighting on vent. Vent is there for a reason... the reason is not to be bitch at each other! Save that for /w, or after raids ON YOUR OWN TIME, not the 24 other people's time.

    Also while on the vent subject, VENT SHOULD BE UNCLUTTERED DURING ENCOUNTERS. People talking about random stuff during fights makes it hard to understand the people that are trying to lead the fight(for example, me calling who has the mutated infection on rotface). Other than that, vent should be silent to off-topic conversations while killing a boss.

    For people who have no idea what they are doing:
    (KTHNX <3)













    As for the raid leader, we all can obviously see Abysm will not be with us for a little while longer. For the time being, Nadia and Natty need some help. They can't do everything by themselves, it's a lot of work along with it being stressful work to manage 25 people. Too add to it when one can't make it, the other is having to take one for the team and handle it practically alone.

    Also raiders! Nadia, nor any other officers, raid leader, GM, or CO-GM should ever have to result in getting so fed up with bullshit that they actually want to leave the guild. How would that be for you guys? No more raids, and quite a few of you would have trouble finding other guilds to be in that would help you out like this one does(For those of you who care at least). If you want to progress and get bosses down... we ALL have to work together and do our parts! A raid doesn't just consist of 10 people, everyone has an important role they are expected to fulfill once they enter the raid. So if you don't understand something, ask someone about it. If you don't know all the specifics of the fights, watch one of the videos I linked. It's not rocket science, all the information and resources you need are right here and in the guild. There is no reason for us to be wiping on such easy-mode bosses guys! were better than that! (:<

    Those of you who find joy in raiding with Vanity should take some of these things in to consideration, for the better sake of the guild. I'm hoping I provided some insight and assistance to those who needed it.

    On a side note, per say.... Cass, you wasted your time on an irrelevant, personal rant of cruelness that really should not have been addressed publicly. If I were Nadia, I would be upset about the guild's raiding situation as well. Out of all people I would think you would have had something more meaningful to input. I am disappoint. : \

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    Icc 25 last night was disappointing. Empty Re: Icc 25 last night was disappointing.

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