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    Post  Nadiablue on Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:58 am

    Welcome to Vanity! Here is some general information about the guild.

    Guild Master: Abysm
    Co-GM: WannabShammy
    Co-GM: Nattyboy
    Co-GM: Devoid
    Officer: Asggard
    Officer: Syphream
    Officer: Nadiablue
    Officer: Carmilla
    Officer: Xcaliburz

    ICC 25 raid items are not rolled on. We use a system called Dragon Kill Points. You will find the rules regarding this Here

    ICC 25 raids are done on Friday (USA) at 3pm ST. There is a sign up sheet each week, signing up reserves your spot and rewards you dkp.

    Everyone is required to download and install Ventrilo. It is a must thing on raids, you must be in the vent listening, if you do not have a mic that is not a problem but you MUST be in vent.

    Addons required and are manditory:

    Omen (threat)
    Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

    Optional and very helpful:


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