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    Guide to Enhancement shamans


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    Guide to Enhancement shamans Empty Guide to Enhancement shamans

    Post  Sync on Wed May 18, 2011 8:56 pm

    Enhancement is the Melee DPS Shaman spec.

    Enhancement also uses a priority system for DPS, as well as a little rotation for your shocks. Start off with Flame Shock, then Stormstrike, then Lava Lash, then Earth Shock, you wanna keep your shock rotation as Flame Shock, Earth Shock, as this always has Flame Shock up, while doing the maximum DPS that you can. You wanna keep up Lightning Shield at all times, and use Lightning Bolt on 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, and use Chain Lightning when there are multiple mobs.

    Enhancement Totems are as follows:
    Earth: Strength of Earth Totem
    Fire: Magma Totem
    Water: Healing Stream Totem or Mana Stream Totem
    Air: Windfury Totem

    There is an Enhancement Shaman addon that is extremely useful is called ShockandAwe, it essentially can be used to set up your priorities. It also keeps track of your Maelstrom Weapon stacks, which is the main reason why I use it.

    For Enhancement Shaman gemming, you want to gem Agility in your early gear and Haste/Attack Power/Expertise as you get better gear (ICC quality, if they ever release all of it), and you need to use Relentless Earthsiege Diamond as your meta, it gives 21 Agility and 3% more damage to your critical strikes.

    As for Enchants go, this is what you want:
    Head: Arcanum of Torment (Ebon Hold Reputation)
    Shoulder: Greater Inscription of the Crag (33 Vote Points)
    Back: 22 Agility
    Chest: 10 to Stats
    Bracers: 50 Attack Power
    Gloves: 44 Attack Power
    Legs: Icescale Leg Armor
    Boots: 24 Attack Power or Tuskkar's Vitality (depends on the fight)
    Weapon 1: Berserking or Mongoose
    Weapon 2: Berserking or Black Magic (the haste is a huge boost) or Mongoose
    Burst´s Input

    You will need to totem swap (or relic swap). This basically means you macro your attacks to equip different totems. This can also be done for resto and elemental. This helps DPS significantly as most totems stack.
    - Not sure if this would be similar for Pali's and DK's but i would say so.

    I suggest using the following totems for the corresponding attacks.
    1. Totem of the Avalanche - Stormstrike
    2. Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice - Flame Strike
    3. Wrathful Gladiator's Totem of Indomitability - Lava Lash
    4. Totem of Electrifying Wind - Lightning Bolt (this is a must with Maelstrom)

    Macro Example:

    #showtooltip Lightning Bolt
    /equip Totem of Electrifying Wind
    /cast Lightning Bolt

    Gemming for Enhance on Molten:

    Well i can see you put "Haste/Attack Power/Expertise/Agility".
    This would be ok but to get the most DPS you can ill would suggest:
    - Get a base of 300hit (no more is needed as most bosses Cannot dodge/parry from behind and this is where you should aim to be attacking from).
    - Then Gem all your Red/Blue sockets for 40AP (Ruby)
    - All Yellow sockets with 20AP 10Crit (Ametrine)
    This i am currently re-testing as you might to cap hit/expertise now after Molten fixed it for shammies

    The meta is the same as mentioned by Grono as well as the enchants.

    I have tested having my gear gemmed with hit/expertise and it is nowhere near as good as stacking AP.

    Although For Weapon Enchants I say you should go:
    MH : Berzerking [Windfury]
    OH: Mongoose [Flametounge]

    Reasoning behind this is that Mongoose has a higher proc chance and only gives about 60 less AP but gives you around 5% more crit and 90 haste rating.
    I tried double zerker and although you can kinda chain proc it ocasionally(with my 900 haste which most wont have), it doesnt proc as much as the zerker/mongoose option.
    If needed you can put black magic on your OH if you need the haste.

    I would say not to use double WF (windfury) (unless you dont have more than 500 haste). This is because with more than 500 haste it becomes a waste, there is a period after a WF proc that CANT proc another WF (around 4secs). In this time your FT (Flametounge) will benefit you a lot more as your lava lash + spell dmge will be alot higher. And with the haste being over 500 your WF is likely to proc as soon as it would if you had it on you OH.


    For Spec I would say go on Armoury and copy mine as i have tested all the other enhance spec's and my current spec produces the most dps. (might be specced to PVP, but ask me ingame if you need)

    As an Enhance shaman i notice that a lot of my dps comes from elemental attacks funnily enough. Thats why i specced the way i did.
    Always try to have magma totem down and also use Fire Nova as much as possible (even on single targets), mainly when you have a lil break in your rotation.
    I tend not to use Earth shock that much anymore as most bosses are immune to the effect making it pointless. Just use Flame shock in the gap again or Fire Nova.

    Written by Grono and Burststrike from Serenity, so credits go to them.

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