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    So uhm...I know nobody plays prot warriors but 'm going to do this anyways lol.
    Tanking is a really fun part of the game if you ever get used to it. Your job as a tank is to receive damage for the raid and nothing else. Specifically, protection warriors are fairly good at tanking due to several reasons.
    1.- Mobility (Charge, Intercept and Intervene)
    2.- Damage Reduction (Defensive Stance)
    3.- Balanced Cooldowns (Shield Wall, Last Stand)
    4.- Reduce Threat of other Players (Vigilance, Intervene)
    5.- Taunt Mechanisms (Taunt, Mocking Blow, Challenging Shout)
    Important Caps.
    **Defense Rating**
    In tanking, it is a must to know about your Defense Rating! Defense Rating increases your chance to dodge, parry and block all together! Theoretically, defense is better than any of the three avoidances by themselves...that is dodge, parry and block rating. However, there are a few things you have to consider about your rating. With several math calculations there are Defense Rating caps that will make you Uncriticable. By far, achieving Def. Cap is EXTREMELY important. One Crit can often lead to a wipe.
    - 535 Defense: Heroic Dungeons (Soft Cap)
    - 540 Defense: Raid Bosses (Hard Cap)
    By running this script you can tell whether you have reached the cap.
    Raid Bosses:

    /run f=(GetCombatRatingBonus(CR_CRIT_TAKEN_MELEE)*100+.5)d=GetDodgeBlockParryChanceFromDefense()r=((f-(f%1))/100)b=(((5.6-(r+d))/.04 *4.92)+.9)h=(((5.4-(r+d))/.04*4.92)+.9)print("Rating:\n"..h-(h%1).." Heroic\n"..b-(b%1).." Raid")
    If the number is 0 or Negative, then Congratulations! You have reached Defense Cap and you are Uncriticable!

    **Hit Rating and Expertise***
    []Whats is Hit Rating? Hit Rating increases the chance to hit a target as well as your Critical Strike Rating.
    []What is Expertise? Expertise reduces the chance of your attacks to miss.
    Now, why are these two important? Being able to hit the boss is essential in tanking. It allows you to build aggro and survive an encounter. What several people don't know is how the Parry mechanic works. Associated with Parry, Swing Timer comes in ( An aspect in the game I will not talk about due its complicity). To summarize, each time a boss parries an attack, it will strike back to the tank instantly.
    Now you see, why it is important in achieving expertise and hit cap.
    [*] Hit Rating Cap:
    - (Soft) 6%
    - (Hard) 8%
    [Note: The Soft cap is suggestible to tank Heroic dungeons. The Hard Cap is suggestible to tank raids)
    [*] Expertise Cap
    - 26 Expertise Skill (Hard)
    - 64 Expertise Skill (Extreme)
    Expertise has to receive priority over Hit Rating
    The Extreme Cap of Expertise is optional. With the hard cap, you can reduce the chance to dodge of a boss to 0. However, the parry component is much higher than dodge. Each time a boss parries an attack, it can instantly strike back at 40% of its speed. It is why melee dps should be also expertise capped during encounters, and do not attack by the front. Is it bad if you don't hit the extreme cap? No, it is not. Achieving the Extreme Cap is really something difficult to do, and gemming/ enchanting for expertise to reach this level could be better used for other avoidances.

    ***Avoidance vs Stamina***
    Which one is better, avoidance (parry,dodge, block rating) or stamina? I prefer Stamina over avoidance due to several reasons (I do not fully get for stamina, I aim to get the socket bonus on all my pieces)
    1.- Rage: You must understand that in order to get Rage, you must get hit. One swing of a boss will put you on max Rage. Without rage, you pretty much suck at tanking, and with a full avoidance gear, you will lose the ability to generate threat.
    2.- ICC: In ICC, your dodge will be reduced by 20%, so might as well just take the hit no? Keep in mind that physical damage will never be the only thing to watch out for. Frostbolts from Lady Deathwhisper, for example, will always hit you no matter of ypur avoidance rating.
    3.- Tier 10 - 4th set bonus: Your Bloodrage ability will no longer cost HP and instead, you will gain Stoicism which will absorb damage equal to 20% of your total hp. I am 46k unbuffed, and this 9k damage absorb has saved me from numerous instances. ICC buff + buffs + Last Stand I can easily hit 110k. That is 22k Damaged Absorbed!
    *Boss Encounters* (How to)
    Depending on the boss, you may start with a charge. Sometimes when you charge at a boss, you will be positioned behind him making all avoidances to 0 at that instance, so he will hit you. Usually, large bosses do not cause this problem (aka Garfrost in POS). It is safer to run towards the boss and start with heroic throw and bloodrage. I like to start my encounters with Shield Block + Shield Slam. Remmember! Shield Block increases your Block Rating and Block Value by 100%. Shield Slam is highly dependent on Block Value, so this combo will double your initial damage! The rotation for single target encounters can be tricky, but you can work if out. To summarize SHIELD SLAM IS YOUR #1 THREAT INCOME DO NOT FORGET!
    The trick for quick threat generation is through shield slam. Luckily, we have Sword and Board in one of our talents which give our devastate and revenge abilities to reset the cooldown on Shield Slam. When you use Shield Slam, you have 3 abilities to use until it normally refreshes WITHOUT Sword and Board.
    1.- Shield Slam
    2.- Is revenge up? (Yes. USE IT) (No, its on cd/didnt proc. Use Devastate)
    3.- (Did Sword and Board Proc.?)
    Yes. Go back to step 1 (This is the best case scenario)
    No. Then....
    Is revenge up? (Yes. USE IT) (No its on cd/didnt proc. Use Devastate)
    4.- (Did Sword and Board Proc.?)
    Yes. Go back to step 1
    No. Use Shockwave.
    5.- Go back to step 1

    Protection Warrior (Tanking) C891ec6ec4cf27f3d2d4684c65dfb737

    Like I said, there are 3 abilities you can use in between your Shield Slams before gthe iternal cooldown refreshes it without any proc. of Sword and Board. You can switch up Shockwave (in step 4) with Concussion Blow if and only if Shockwave is on cooldown. If both are on cooldown use Heroic Throw. If all three are on cooldown well you are unlucky as f#%@ lol. I rarely encounter this circumstance.
    *AOE Tanking (How to)*
    As a Warrior Tank, it is fairly difficult to hold aggro from different mobs at the same time. Cleave, Thunderclap and Revenge are going to be your best friends. Unlike Shield Slam, there is no talent point to reset the cooldown of Thunderclap. It has a 6 second cooldown, so you can use up to 2 abilities in between for its normal reset. However, by having more than one target on you, the use of Revenge comes in handy. With Improved Revenge, you can double the damage and strike an additional enemy! (This also increases the chance of Sword and Board to proc, sinse two enemies are being struck). Shockwave it is somewhat useful for this task. The stunning component in this ability is a downside for tanking, since you need your enemies to be attacking you (it does give a break to the healers on the other hand). Cleaving and Taunting as much as you can, but be careful of Rage starving yourself. Keep Challenging Shout ready in case of emergencies.
    Will continue....

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